Hind Mango Nasser is a well-established artist, an inspiring patron of the arts and a cultural activist who lives and works in her home country of Jordan. Liberated from dominant art trends in cultural capitals, her work has been one in continuous movement filled with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Far from being static or satisfied with itself or its own autonomy, Hind’s work has been at every moment unintentionally questioned.

It is not willingly that Hind deliberately rejects the standard that she has attained, but rather by an inward voice, an answering concern for what is happening in the canvas, for what gives it life and for what will follow next. This facilitates an easy and fast movement from one idea to another with a constant flow of new ideas. Predominantly, these ideas take an abstract form that ranges from free, spontaneous works to more static, precise ones.

Her work is a dialect of interior and exterior landscapes. The landscapes which surround her are those of an oriental country, while clear, unmixed primary colors dominate her landscape paintings. A big part of her abstract work is in oil paintings or paper works, dominated by dark colors and energetic gestural movements: circling, spiraling, curving lines which, avoiding ornamental embraces, dance together into monumental, even threatening ciphers.

The interior landscapes are dramatic while the exterior ones seem to reflect the color schemes of Mogul paintings and miniatures. With great inventive force and discipline, she covers a wide range of images of the inside darkness of the soul and the outside beauties of the world.

“This strong tie between nature and I is my primary inspiration,” says Hind. “I find refuge in its continuous change. It is the world of the unknown, the divine and the ultimate, that’s what my relentless mind keeps fighting for.”

With great sensitivity and force, Hind experiments in different media on canvas and paper and works very comfortably with all the colors of the spectrum. She is propelled by an instinct that is as imperious as that of maternity. It is impossible to stop contented, unless it were easily understood and clear. Probably without knowing it, Hind puts into practice the profound thought of the French Philosopher, the late Gilles Deleuze who, in his book on Francis Bacon wrote: “In art, in painting as in music, it is not a matter of reproducing or inventing forms, but of capturing forces.”

The Beginnings

Hind Mango Nasser graduated with a BA in History and Politics in 1961 from Beirut College for Women (presently Lebanese American University). She started studying painting under the artist Fahrelnissa Zeid in 1976.

Upon graduating, one of her most defined aims was to develop the cultural scene in her country. She started teaching and established the Alumnae Club of her college, a Children’s Club for cultural activities mainly in theater and arts, The Jordan Crafts Council with a marketing outlet for the traditional and modernized local crafts and the Jordan Ikebana chapter for the art of flower arranging. She was one of the founders of the National Music Conservatory of the Noor Al Hussein Foundation and Chairperson for 15 years and one of the founding members of the Jordan Museum for Archaeology. 1n 1995, Hind started her own project the Jordan Arts and Crafts Center, Artisana, and later established her own gallery, Gallery 14.

Solo Exhibitions

2019Amman – JordanWadi Finan (0 Horizon)
2018Dubai – UAEArt Dubai (Main Artist)
2017Amman – JordanGallery 14 (Many Faces of an Artist)
2016Amman – JordanGallery 14 (Soaring)
2011Amman – JordanGallery 14 (So)
2006Amman – JordanLines Gallery
2006Amman – JordanJordan Arts and Crafts Center
2005Amman – JordanThe Space
2002Dubai – UAEThe Jordan Cultural Center
2001Amman – JordanThe Spanish Cultural Center
2000Amman – JordanThe City Hall
1997Amman – JordanJordan Arts and Crafts Center
1995Amman – JordanDarat Al Funon
1992Amman – JordanJordan University
1992Irbid – JordanYarmouk University
1989Abu Dhabi – UAEThe Intercontinental
1988London – EnglandTempra Art Gallery
1988Amman – JordanThe Royal Cultural Center
1986Amman – JordanPetra Bank Gallery
1986Amman – JordanMarriott Hotel
1984Amman – JordanThe Royal Cultural Center
1983Amman – JordanJordan Plastic Arts Association
1982Amman – JordanAlia Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2018Amman – JordanThe Corner
2018Amman – JordanNabad
2016Amman – JordanJordan National Gallery
2015Amman – JordanGallery 14 (Woman I)
2015Amman – JordanGallery 14 (Arabic Calligraphy)
2013Amman – JordanGallery 14 (Together at the Studio)
2012Amman – JordanGallery 14 (Different Inspirations & Different Dreams)
2011Amman – JordanGallery 14 (Dialogue of Color)
2010Amman – JordanGallery 14 (Serenity)
2010Amman – JordanGallery 14 (Force of The Line)
2009Amman – JordanGallery 14 (Spring: Sketches and Drawings)
2008Amman – JordanGallery 14 (14 Artists)
2004Milan – ItalyBreaking the Veil, women painters from the Muslim world
2004Naples – ItalyBreaking the Veil, women painters from the Muslim world
2004Amman – JordanJordan National Gallery (Painting, flower arrangement)
2004Amman – JordanDarat Al Funun (Arab Painters)
2004Amman – Jordan4 Walls Gallery (Jordanian women painters)
2004Seville – SpainBreaking the veil, woman painters from the Muslim world
2004Valencia -SpainBreaking the veil, woman painters from the Muslim world
2003Amman – JordanJordanian Painters Association
2003Paris-FranceBreaking the veil, woman painters from the Muslim world
2003Athens – GreeceBreaking the veil, woman painters from the Muslim world
2003Amman – JordanJordan National Gallery- The collection of the gallery
2003Amman – JordanDarat Al- Funun- the permanent collection
2003Amman – JordanCity Hall Jordanian Painters Association
2002Amman – JordanJordan National Gallery (223 painters)
2002Al Shariqa – UAEBenelli Al Shariqa – Youth Club
2002Al Shariqa – UAEAl Shariqa Museum
2002Beirut –LebanonUnesco Exhibition
2002Daka – BegaladeshInternational Bienalli
2002Rhodes – GreeceBreaking the veil, woman painters from the Muslim world
2001Amman – JordanJordanian Painters Association
2001Amman – JordanBroadway Gallery
2000Al Shariqa – UAEShariqa Bienalli
2000Tahran – IranModern Art Museum
2000Amman – JordanJordan National Gallery
1999Amman – JordanDarat Al Funun (Contemporary Arab Painters)
1998Amman- JordanAmman City Hall (Jordanian Painters)
1998Beirut – LebanonLebanese American University (Alumnae Exhibition)
1998Al Shariqa – UAEArab Painters Exhibition
1998Amman – JordanDarat Al Funun (Contemporary Arab Painter)
1997Paris – FranceHotel de Ville ( Jordanian Painters)
1997Amman – JordanAmman City Hall (Jordanian Painters)
1997Amman – JordanDarat Al Funun ( Summer Exhibition )
1996Amman – JordanBalanda Gallery (Jordanian Painters)
1996Amman – JordanDarat Al Funun (Jordanian Painters)
1994/1995Washington, Chicago, Atlanta, Florida – USAForces of Change, Arab Women Painters
1995Amman – JordanJordanian Artists Exhibition on the occasion of Woman International Day, Baladna Gallery
1995Lattacia – SyriaFirst Biennale for Love
1995Milfield – EnglandJordanian Artist Exhibition
1995Brussels- BelgiumJordanian Artist Exhibition
1995Fuheis – JordanJordanian Artist Exhibition, Ruwaq Al Balqa’ Gallery
1995Amman – JordanJordanian Artist Exhibition, Jordan Plastic Arts Association
1994Amman – JordanSix Artist from Jordan, Abad Gallery
1993Amman – JordanPermanent Arab Artist Exhibition, Darat Al Funun